Asia Pacific Schools joins the International Schools Partnership

We are extremely pleased to announce that the Asia Pacific Schools in Selangor, Malaysia have joined ISP.

Asia Pacific School, which comprises a national stream (Asia Pacific Smart School or APSS) and an international stream (Asia Pacific International School or APIS) for predominantly local families, educates over 2,000 children and students from 3-18 years of age across one campus in Selangor, Malaysia. The school is recognised as a leading educational provider in the local community.

This partnership marks the 40th school to join the International Schools Partnership in just five years – a significant milestone for the group.

We welcome all children, students and staff of the Asia Pacific School to ISP and look forward to working with the school to become the school of choice in the local area.

Steve Brown, Group CEO of the International Schools Partnership, comments:

“We are extremely pleased with our acquisition of the Asia Pacific Schools in Malaysia. The Schools are well-respected within the community, put a strong emphasis on learning and we look forward to making further investments in the schools to continue to help children and students learn to levels that amaze them.”

You can find out more about the schools here: Asia Pacific School

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