Claremont School Class of 2020 Celebrates A-Level Results

Congratulations to the wonderfully talented and resilient Class of 2020 from Claremont School who have been celebrating following the publication of this year’s A-Level results. Despite facing continuing uncertainties surrounding the awarding system this year, there were significant rises in A-Level performance, with close to two thirds (66%) of results graded between A* and B.

There have been many notable performances from across the cohort at Claremont and the vast majority of students have been able to access their first choice for University. Emily’s A*A*A will allow her to study Medicine at the University of Kent in the UK, while brothers Jake and Jackson both achieved A*AA grades in Maths, Physics and Further Maths allowing them to access Maths and Engineering courses at Edinburgh and Bristol University in the UK respectively.

Mr Ed Dickie, Head of Senior at Claremont School, commented: “Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of this year’s results has been the performance of students who have been within the Claremont family for many years. Students such as Maya, who achieved A*AA in Drama, English Literature and French, and Charlie, who will study Biotechnology at Edinburgh, have developed as individuals and academics at Claremont, and we are hugely proud of their achievements.

“It has been a very difficult six months for these students since their schooling came to an end so abruptly on March 21st. I am thrilled that so many of them have seen their efforts in the Sixth Form rewarded.”

The diverse nature of the student body at Claremont was also reflected in BTEC awards as well as in the Creative and Performing Arts. Matt and Tabby both achieved double starred distinctions in BTEC Sports Science, whilst all Fine Artists were graded at B or above. Drama, Dance and Music celebrated some very strong results indeed, most notably in Dance which was only introduced to the curriculum this year.

Reflecting on the wider performance of the school, Mr Dickie added: “It is easy to forget that the Senior School will be celebrating only its ten-year anniversary next year. In a very short time, Claremont has built up a reputation for allowing individuals to flourish, regardless of where their talents lie. We have built the foundations for academic, artistic and sporting excellence. It has not always been easy, but the students are now reaping the rewards. The next ten years will be very exciting indeed for the whole Claremont community and these results are an indication of the significant progress being made.”

Giles Perrin, Principal of Claremont School, said: “Our aim is a simple one – to ensure that young people have the opportunity to fulfill their ambitions, be themselves and be equipped to make good decisions in a complicated world. Our Sixth Form is the ultimate manifestation of this aspiration and we are delighted that, in these most difficult of times, the School continues to deliver. All the indications are that next year’s cohort will also flourish, benefitting from an outstanding online ‘School Without Buildings’ programme that has allowed learning to continue across both the Prep and Senior School in the past six months.”

Congratulations to all students at Claremont on their results.  These are extraordinary times and we are proud of you all!

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