Colegio La Colina joins the International Schools Partnership

We are extremely pleased to announce that Colegio La Colina in Colombia has joined the International Schools Partnership.

The School educates approximately 780 children and students from 3-18 years of age in Colombia. The school runs the national curriculum for predominantly local families and is a leading educational provider in the local area.

Steve Brown, Group CEO of the International Schools Partnership, comments:

“We are delighted Colegio La Colina has joined the International Schools Partnership. Given the School’s inspiring approach to learning, we feel the School is a strong fit for the group and we look forward to collaborating together on ISP’s approach to effective learning in the classroom. Colegio La Colina is recognised as one of the leading schools in Colombia and is another example of a high quality, learning focused school to join the partnership. We have already begun our journey of working together in partnership whereby we can learn from and support each other to continually get better as a group of schools. Equally, we will begin to share other benefits of being part of the ISP group of schools. This includes offering students the chance to participate in our international cultural opportunities, investing in school resources and infrastructure, and providing access to ISP expertise and support. Our aim will be to help Colegio La Colina improve and progressively strengthen the School’s reputation, with a view to becoming the school of choice in the local community.

We welcome all children, students and staff of Colegio La Colina to the ISP group of schools.

Find out more about the school here: Colegio La Colina


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