Colegio Pedro de Valdivia joins the International Schools Partnership

We are thrilled to announce that Colegio Pedro de Valdivia in Santiago de Chile has joined the International Schools Partnership.

The Colegio Pedro de Valdivia schools educate approximately 6,250 children and students from 3-18 years of age across four school sites in Santiago de Chile. The schools run the Chilean curriculum for predominantly local families and is a leading educational provider in the local area. The schools educate children and young people to develop their talents as well as their reflective and critical thinking so that each child can continue to grow into an innovative, imaginative and socially responsible individual, who actively contributes to an increasingly demanding and connected global society.

 Steve Brown, CEO of the International Schools Partnership, said:

“We are delighted the Colegio Pedro de Valdivia (PdV) has joined the International Schools Partnership. Over the last 35 years, PdV schools have created positive learning environments for their children and students, all of which are a good fit with ISP’s own approach. Through our initial meetings with parents, staff and students we have already begun to share the ISP way of delivering effective learning in our schools.  In those same meetings we received positive feedback about the other ways that ISP can help PdV schools become the school of choice in their local area such as having access to our international experiences, investment and other resources as well as support expertise. We look forward to getting to know the schools better and also sharing PdV’s own experiences and ideas.

Find out more about the school here:                                                                                                                                                          Colegio Pedro de Valdivia



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