Fairmont Schools have joined International Schools Partnership.

We are extremely pleased to announce that Fairmont Schools has joined the partnership.

Since being founded in 1953, Fairmont has been transforming the lives of students and families across Southern California and around the world, through best-in-class educational programs and state of the art facilities.

Fairmont’s unique, holistic approach takes students wherever they are along their academic journey and transforms them into high-achieving, college-ready scholars. Voted the ‘Best Private School in Orange County’ nine years in a row, Fairmont continues to deliver on the promise to influence lives to create a better world.

Fairmont offers an education to more than 2,400 children and students across the Orange County area and is recognised as a leading education provider in the local community. We look forward to getting to know all five campuses better and supporting them on their journey to continue as the ‘school of choice’ in the local area.

We welcome all children, students, and staff of the schools to ISP and look forward to getting even better together.


Find out more about the school here:  www.fairmontschools.com

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