I am an ISP Scientist

I am an ISP Scientist

I am an ISP Scientist is one of our exciting new International Learning Opportunities for Students launching in 2021.

This year from March – May, ISP students aged 8-14 years old from our schools around the world, are invited to participate in a free real-world STEM research project through citizen science, enabling them to:

  • Connect classroom learning to real research.
  • Develop greater understanding of scientific methodology.
  • Participate in enquiry-based learning.
  • Practise transferable skills such as problem-solving, teamwork and communication.

The theme for the I am an ISP Scientist project this year is plastic pollution, and we are partnering with the fantastic team at Ellipsis Earth to enable ISP students to use cutting edge technology to help map the journey of missing plastic and identify trends to help influence environmental change.

Ellipsis Earth was founded in 2019 by scientist, filmmaker and extreme environment drone pilot, Ellie Mackay. Their vision is to create an integrated ecosystem for environmental change, through global research, education, exploration and creative media, all underpinned by Ellipsis’ unique algorithm technology for mapping the missing 99% of plastic waste.

The I am ISP Scientist project includes inspiring opportunities for our students to engage with STEM professionals behind cutting-edge scientific innovation and discovery, encouraging them to consider and explore a wide range of STEM careers. Throughout the project, students will be invited to join a series of live interactive ‘Ask a Scientist’ sessions online, giving them the chance to engage with these professionals, hear about the latest research and learn more about the people behind the science.

At the heart of the project, students will take and upload photos of litter in their local area, contributing to real-life scientific research. This could be around the school grounds, near their home as homework, or through a school trip to an area off-site. They will identify and categorise photos, and the data the students collect will be analysed by the Ellipsis AI algorithm and put into a global heatmap of plastic waste that can be filtered and overlaid against existing data sets.

Teachers will also be provided with a resource pack with everything they need to run extra workshops to help students get the most out of the project, including supporting students to design a methodology for their data collection, using the data collected by their school to identify trends, patterns and proportions, and developing initiatives to conduct their own research and analysis.

The I am an ISP Scientist project theme for this year also shares a common link with the ISP Futures Programme where the focus is in on Education for Sustainable Development, to help to give the next generation the skills and knowledge necessary to handle the social and environmental changes that will occur in the near future. The programme looks at the ways, we as an organisation across all our schools and offices can become more sustainable, reduce our environmental impact and help become Change Makers for a better future.

To find out more about the new I am an ISP Scientist opportunity and have the chance to be involved in a real-world STEM project, contact the I am an ISP Scientist Coordinator at your school.

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