ILOS 2022/23 – Let’s get this show on the road!

Here at the International Schools Partnership, we are thrilled to launch the new and enhanced International Learning Opportunities for Students (ILOS) for 2022/23!

Last year more than 28,000 ISP students, took part in 9 incredible learning experiences. This year, ISP students will have 11 programmes to choose from, enabling even more ISP students to join these unique learning experiences.

Each and every ILOS programme is designed to be an exclusive and valuable opportunity for ISP students, enabling them to connect, share and build friendships with ISP students from other schools and countries, whilst developing their language and communication skills, learning about diverse cultures and traditions, and building lifelong skills including critical thinking, confidence, teamwork, and leadership.

With so many activities, themes, and topics covered, whatever your students’ interests and passions are, there’s an ILOS for everyone. Take a look at the ILOS Brochure to find out even more and get inspired!

This week saw the exciting launch of four of the eleven initiatives, the ISP Virtual Buddy Exchange Programme, Buddy Exchange Programme, and last but by no means least – the ISP Futures.

Registrations are now open and the learning has begun! Parents and students should contact their school ILOS coordinator to find out more.

It’s time to go beyond and expand your horizons!
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Highlights for this term

The Buddy Exchange Programme is back!

It may have been on hold since 2019 due to travel restrictions, but the flagship programme, the ISP Buddy Exchange Programme is back and we’re ready to fly!

This unique exchange programme open to 14 to 17-year-olds, enables our ISP students to take part in a reciprocal one-month exchange from January to July 2023. With around 45 ISP schools taking part across the ISP globe from Chile to Malaysia and the USA to Qatar, where will the students experience the daily life of another BEP participant?

The programme offers an international learning experience; enabling students to develop their language skills, learn more about new cultures and cultivate long-term friendships within a safe and secure environment. Buddies are supported from start to finish and every step along the way to ensure both students and families get the very best out of the remarkable and unforgettable experience.

The BEP has been so cool. I have learnt so many things and made new friends for life. It is something that I wouldn't change for anything. Without any doubt, I would repeat it

It was great to see so many of our students get engaged and get involved. 30 of our schools also took part in a social media challenge, dressing up in maths costumes, using maths in sports, baking, art and more!

But the fact the world has had various travel restrictions in place hasn’t stopped our students meeting other students from different countries!

The Virtual Buddy Exchange Programme is now a permanent ILOS Programme that gives our students the opportunity to have a similar experience to what the BEP has to offer but online and from the comfort of being at home.

The programme runs over an 8-week period and through supervised weekly video calls of 45 minutes students practise their language, presentation, and personal skills in English

2022-23 will see the second round of grants for student-led environmental projects under the ISP Futures programme. The grant scheme will encourage and enable student-led environmental projects or events at ISP schools.

Amazing opportunity for students to lead this grant project. This has allowed students to develop their leadership, organization skills and create a big impact to the environment and the ecosystems. This project has provided the students and the teachers a new learning platform outside the classroom.

Last year, students at 37 ISP schools led creative and innovative projects of their own design. Here at ISP central we were incredibly impressed with students’ creativity, passion and imagination.

Some teams with past experience added to a portfolio of existing action, while others were newly formed eco-teams and green clubs. Students created school gardens, made podcasts, held eco-fairs and markets, installed sensor-taps, beehives, planted trees and more.

And these are just to start with! There are more ILOS programmes coming up before the holidays and into the new year – watch this space!

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