International Learning Opportunities

International Learning Opportunities

Go beyond. Expand your horizons.

International Learning Opportunities for Students

At the International Schools Partnership (ISP), learning is at the heart of everything we do, and we want to continually provide the best learning opportunities possible for our students and their families. We believe that as part of our students’ learning journey it is important that they have the chance to experience learning outside of the classroom and connect with other ISP students across the world. As a global group of schools our students benefit from being part of a wider international community, which provides many additional learning and cultural opportunities.

We want every ISP student to have the chance to experience learning outside the classroom, repeatedly practising life skills and connecting with other ISP students across the world.

In 2019, we launched the ISP Buddy Exchange Programme, the ISP Model United Nations, and the ISP International Summer Camp. ‘Amazing’, ’Educational’, ‘Empowering’, ‘Inspirational’, ‘Life-Changing’, and ‘Unique’ are just some of the words used to describe these experiences by our students, parents, and colleagues.

Due to the incredible success of all our programmes, we have expanded our International Learning Opportunities for Students (ILOS), and now run eleven different ILOS for students ranging from 5–18 years of age.

Some projects take place online, others in school, and many include in-person experiences abroad. The ILOS cover a wide range of topics and skills so that there is something for every student, no matter what their passions or interests are.

I have really valued the experience and it was all new for me. I think these activities change the way students perceive education. It is definitely an innovative way to teach and change education as we know it.

I think the VBEP has been going really well and I have already made two new friends. I enjoyed meeting new people and learning about their interests and culture. It was a unique experience and I look forward for our next video calls.

It’s an experience that will change your life, from debating with other countries to making long-lasting Friendships.


I wanted to take part because I saw it as an opportunity to learn new cultures, meet new people and get to know about different schools.

Students learn a new way to live. From a personal point of view, it’s a really amazing way to grow, because they experience being away from home, in a different culture, and obviously it enhances their language skills.

The ILOS provide amazing learning experiences that enable our students to:

  • Connect and share with other ISP students from other countries and build friendships
  • Develop their language and communication skills
  • Apply learning in contexts outside the formal curriculum
  • Gain knowledge and develop their understanding about different cultures and traditions
  • Develop transferable skills including critical thinking, confidence, teamwork, and leadership
  • Develop their understanding of their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Become a more responsible global citizen

We currently offer the following International Learning Opportunities to our students around the world:


ISP Virtual Buddy Exchange Programme 12 – 17
ISP Maths Challenge 5 – 18
ISP Model United Nations 13 – 18
ISP Film Festival  13 – 18
I am an ISP Scientist 8 – 14
ISP Chess Tournament 5 – 18
ISP Futures 5 – 18
ISP Big Read
5 – 11
ISP International Summer Camp 12 – 14
ISP Buddy Exchange Programme 14 – 17
Street Child United Charity Partnership 5 – 18

ISP International Learning Opportunities in numbers


Participating students:

More than


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