International Schools Partnership launches Dubai flagship, The Aquila School

The International Schools Partnership is pleased to have announced it is taking admissions for its Dubai flagship, The Aquila School, opening in Dubailand in September 2018. The school opens for FS1 to Year 6 students in September 2018. It will open a new year group each academic year, ultimately offering Year 13 and space for 1,500 students.

The Aquila School follows the National Curriculum for England and will offer the vocational BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) courses, one of a handful of schools in the UAE to do so alongside professional learning qualifications in IB and IBCC.

This school is founded on the core belief of offering ‘real learning for a real future’, with meaningful enquiry-based learning at the fore. Designing, constructing, and deconstructing will be practiced daily, offering an approach which re-invigorates the STEM platform and makes it accessible to more children through a focus on Arts integrated project-based learning.

The Aquila School opens with an experienced leadership with Wayne Howsen as Principal, taking on the role with over 20 years’ experience in school leadership. His last 6 years in the UAE were as Principal of the first school ever to be Outstanding in Abu Dhabi and the only school to be Outstanding twice.

Located in Dubailand, the school boasts state-of-the-art facilities to compete with the best in Dubai. It includes dedicated art and music studios, design and technology labs, a landmark learning and reading centre, several Science labs, specialist IT-based research centres, and extended sporting facilities including football pitches, multi-use games areas, a full-length indoor swimming pool and indoor sports hall.

Steve Brown, Group Managing Director of International Schools Partnership, comments:

‘’We are delighted to be opening our flagship school in Dubai. The Aquila School will combine the best of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) with the best of the arts and humanities, offering each child the choice to explore and learn according to their strengths.  We believe our emphasis on creativity in a STEM setting will present a stimulating environment that will both excite students and help prepare them for successful careers as adults.’’

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