International Schools Partnership volunteers arrive in India to support Street Child United Cricket World Cup

A 15-strong team of volunteers from International School’s Partnership (ISP) teams and schools around the world have arrived in Chennai, India, to support our charity partner Street Child United (SCU).

About ISP’s partnership with Street Child United

Street Child United’s mission is to improve the lives and protect the rights of street-connected young people across the globe. Our partnership with SCU gives ISP students the opportunity to hear from, connect with, and support some of the most vulnerable young people in the world.

Schools have visits with special guest speakers from the charity and their young leaders gaining an insight into the lives of those who live in or are connected to the street. Raising awareness at ISP, particularly in our schools, about these issues also empowers and enables our students to make positive changes in society now and in the future.

Throughout the next week, Street Child United are hosting a Cricket World Cup. 19 teams of young people representing 13 countries will take part in a cricket tournament, a festival of arts and a congress to champion the rights of street-connected children.

We caught up with some of the ISP volunteers to hear why they decided to volunteer and what they’re most looking forward to.

Q: What inspired you to volunteer for this global event with our charity partner?

Monse, Teacher, St. Jude School, Costa Rica: My dream is a better world, where children can develop and be happy. This experience helps create a change and that is what made me be here today, to be able to make a change for children.


Q: How do you hope to make a positive impact during your time volunteering?

Rachel, Head of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at ISP: I really hope I can help provide a space for the children to safely and confidently advocate for themselves. I want to be part of the community that uplifts and empowers them by letting them know that their voices matter.


Q: What skills or qualities do you feel you bring to the volunteer team?

Monse: I believe that you have to have a little of all the skills like love, patience, understanding, communication, and problem solving, to make this team a better team.


Q: What do you hope to learn or gain from this opportunity?

Rachel: I want to understand how we can use the power of education and our organisation to increase our impact; what more can we ISP bring to support these incredible kids?

Monse: I hope to impact many lives with my help, learn about each child, and learn about the reality of the world so I can make a change.


Q: How do you envision this experience contributing to your personal or professional growth?

Rachel: I’m really excited to connect with my ISP teammates from around the globe to learn more about what’s happening in other regions, functions, and at the school level. I think the more connected we are as an organisation, the more energised and engaged we are, and we can support each other better to creatively solve problems and bring fresh perspectives to tackle our challenges together.

Monse: I think it will have a great impact on my personal and professional life, it will help me understand and learn from different cultures, different ways of educating, and learn a lot from children.

Anita, Teacher and International Opportunities Coordinator, Straits International School Penang, Malaysia: I feel these types of events will have a tremendous effect on my personal growth, self-esteem and confidence. I want to be a better version of myself.


Q: Are there any particular moments or aspects of the event that you are most excited about?

Rachel: I can`t wait for the Congress; all week the children are meeting to talk about the issues that matter to them and develop a call to action they will present on the last day.  They are so passionate and driven, I think it will be incredible to hear from them directly and learn how we can meet their needs after the Cricket World Cup is finished.

Monse: From day one I have been excited and I think I will be until the last day, everything is an incredible experience and I am going to really enjoy every second of it.

Anita: Interacting with the street children. Trying to understand them a little better and closer.

You can find out more about Street Child United, keep up to date with the Cricket World Cup, and support the event now on the SCU website:

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