ISP Big Read: A month sharing the joy of reading and writing

The ISP Big Read was introduced during the 2021/22 academic year as a new ISP International Learning Opportunities for Students (ILOS). The goal of the ISP Big Read is to engage students in literacy with reading and comprehension challenges to develop their writing and reading abilities. This unique and exciting month-long English literacy programme brought together more than 10,000 ISP students aged 5 – 11 to celebrate the joy of reading and writing in English. We are thrilled with the level of engagement and creativity from the ISP Big Readers.

Throughout the month of March 2022, students had access to the Reading Eggs library, where they found a list of suggested books per age group, with a different theme each week. ISP students read more than 28,000 books on the themes of Nature & Animals; Art & Creativity; Culture & Travel; and Global Awareness. Books were complemented with activities on the platform to support comprehension and to get the most out of the reading.

Each week, students were invited to use the ‘Story Factory’ feature on Reading Eggs to write their own stories. Our young writers responded to a set of pictures and followed a step-by-step guide to create and write their own narratives.

When I write stories, my imagination really bursts. The support of the pictures helped me to write. It was very fun and improved my thinking and writing skills

Asia Pacific Schools Student

A huge well done to everyone who put their storytelling skills into action, with a staggering 2,614 books written by ISP Big Read students from all over the globe. Read no further and click here to get inspired by our young writers’ best stories!

Our young readers also participated in a variety of narrative-based activities in the classroom and attended four ´Meet the Author’ sessions with Lisa Thompson, Maria Georgiou, and Charlie Crisp. Students got the opportunity to discover more about the life and background of these professional children’s writers, as well as get some top tips for their own writing!

Participants not only accelerated their reading skills and improved their English comprehension, but also learnt more about different writing styles and got better at writing stories in English.

With thousands of bookworms getting so much of their experience, one thing is for sure; the joy of reading and writing has been truly captured by the ISP Big Read!

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