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Can you really make a difference to our world? YES, YOU CAN!

    Our world is changing rapidly... If we don’t do something about this NOW, there will be no Earth for future generations.  Our world is changing rapidly. Over the years, human beings have mistreated our planet. Plastic is polluting our oceans, greenhouse...

Are Teachers Professionals?

    Are teachers professionals? The answer has to be ‘Yes’ if level of complexity is one of the criteria. Story one.A few years ago, on a frozen snow and dangerous to be outside sort of day, I slipped on the pavement. I broke my wrist pretty badly and was...

Technology In Schools – Giving Students A Voice

    "Using devices in the classroom is a distraction to learning!" “The technology opens up collaborative opportunities for my students.”“Computers in classrooms prevent students from developing their interpersonal skills.”“Access to the internet provides...

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