ISP Buddy Exchange Programme

ISP Buddy Exchange Programme

We launched the ISP Buddy Exchange Programme (BEP) in autumn 2018 with the first student exchanges taking place from February 2019 onwards.

The programme quickly defined itself as our flagship programme for our students’ international learning opportunities and some of the words used by our students to describe their experience of the programme include:
“Life‑changing”“Educational”“Unique”“Unforgettable”; “Enjoyable”; and “Amazing”.

The BEP enables reciprocal learning exchanges between ISP schools for a period of one month for students aged between 14 –17 years of age. It gives our students the unique opportunity to connect with other people, other cultures and other countries and provide another truly collaborative and engaging learning experience for ISP students.

The programme offers our students amazing and diverse learning opportunities within a safe and secure environment. Buddy exchange students gain real-world learning skills and greater independence. They plan and prepare for a trip across the world, live in a new home with a new, supportive family, have the chance to thrive in a new learning environment with projects and assignments aimed at the student’s level of learning and understanding and they receive daily support and guidance from colleagues and other students in their new school. Students enjoy a memorable international and cultural learning experience to develop their language skills, communicate ideas in a different way, share good practice and create long-term friendships across the globe. 

Due to the postponement of our in-person International Learning Opportunities due to Covid-19, we decided to launch a new virtual programme the ISP Virtual Buddy Exchange Programme (VBEP) for our students. This is a follow on to the ISP Buddy Exchange, which will return when it is safe to travel again.

The BEP in numbers


Participating students:

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I wanted to take part because I saw it as an opportunity to learn new cultures, meet new people and get to know about different schools

Ana Paulina is ready to take a full year abroad now because of this experience […]. She was nervous as it was her first time abroad and traveling by herself. I can see that she has gained a lot of confidence and her world view has been expanded. It is always fun to be part of a life-changing experience for a student!

Students learn a new way to live. From a personal point of view, it’s a really amazing way to grow, because they experience being away from home, in a different culture, and obviously it enhances their language skills

Françoise Armstrong

BEC at Claremont School

I've learnt new cultures; I've met a lot of people and made lots of friends. I've attended new classes that I don’t have at my home school.

The experience of being a host family has been wonderful. We are looking forward to becoming part of the programme in years to come so our son has the possibility to enjoy this experience in another country

I wouldn't have had the opportunity to study in an International School in Malaysia if it wasn't for the BEP.

It has been so cool. I have learnt so many things and made new friends for life. It is something that I wouldn't change for anything. Without any doubt, I would repeat this.

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