ISP Film Festival

ISP Film Festival

learning area

Arts & Drama

Age Range

13 -18


January – May 2023

Participants per school



Online and in-school

Lights, camera, action!

Budding ISP filmmakers complete a four-month course learning about everything from storyboarding to special effects in sessions delivered by experts from the film industry.

The course gives students the tools they need to work in teams to script, film and edit their own short film. This is a remarkable opportunity for students to explore issues and themes which are important to them and share their work on a global stage.

Students come together to discuss and share their experiences with each other and have the exciting opportunity to get feedback from film industry professionals throughout the course.

This unforgettable multi-disciplinary project teaches students the importance of collaboration in achieving a common goal and provides an insight into career pathways in film and media.

Of course, no film festival would be complete without an awards ceremony with guest speakers and incredible prizes! This year the Film Festival Awards Ceremony will be online. Which film crews will be awarded for their outstanding 5-minute short? Next stop – ISP Film Festival!

An amazing experience to learn about cinematography and team working. AND make a winning film!

The main takeaway was that learning from talented and hardworking people can result in a really capable team who's able to develop and create high quality work.


The creative journey took 297 aspiring ISP filmmakers through every step of the filmmaking process. That’s a total of thirty-three films making their final cut from 28 schools!

All the films had the opportunity to be voted on under seven categories. The winning film crews grabbed amazing prizes and the winners of Best Picture were also rewarded with a 20-hour online filmmaking course. The question is who will the winners of the 2023 ISP Film Festival be? Answer: each and every filmmaker for taking part.


  • Best Picture – The Sale, Newton College, Spain
  • Best Acting Performance – 5 Stages, Tenby Setia Eco Park, Malaysia
  • Best Original Script – A Giant Leap, Rowntree Montessori, Canada
  • Best Cinematography – My Rose, Liceo Panamericano Samborondón, Ecuador
  • Best Production Design – Experiment 95, St Jude School, Costa Rica
  • Best Sound Editing – When The Clock Stops, ITJ Santa Monica, Mexico
  • Best by Popular Vote – Myth of Art, Tomas Alva Edison, Mexico

Learning Objectives

  • Know the basics of filmmaking, from planning through to post-production.
  • Become a better team player and communicator through a multi-disciplinary group project.
  • Be able to use and apply a range of technical skills in a filmmaking context.
  • Develop understanding about the filmmaking and media industry and possible career pathways within it.

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