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ISP Futures

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November 2022 – May 2023

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In school and online

At ISP we have made a commitment to building a more environmentally sustainable world.

Through the ISP Futures campaign we want to support our students to take action, for our schools to deliver Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), and to offset and reduce our environmental impact as a wider organisation.

Working together, ISP schools are making positive changes, reducing our environmental impact, and creating a community of environmentally aware citizens.

Through ISP Futures we have SIX core commitments:

  1. Reducing the environmental impact of ISP through carbon offsetting by reforestation through our partnership with Tree-Nation.
  2. Reducing the environmental impact of the ISP by supporting our schools and offices to become more sustainable.
  3. Raising awareness of environmental issues amongst ISP staff, students, and wider school communities.
  4. Supporting students to develop their knowledge and understanding of environmental issues including biodiversity, deforestation, the carbon cycle and climate change.
  5. Supporting students to develop valuable transferable skills such as event organisation, project management and teamwork.
  6. Providing opportunities for staff and students to connect on environmental issues and solutions and learn from each other.

Grants for student-led projects

As part of the ISP Futures campaign teams of ISP students are invited to apply for a small grant to deliver their own environmental project. This could be something in their school or within the wider school community.

Through the application process students will gain valuable experience in teamwork, project planning, and writing an application. The opportunity to lead a project of their own idea promotes leadership, and support students to develop transferable skills in project management.

Sharing with each other

Throughout the year, students from different schools will have the opportunity to present their projects, discuss and learn from each other.

Global awareness days

We also invite ISP schools organise activities to raise awareness locally around international environmental awareness days, such as Earth Day and World Environment Day. For each event that ISP takes part in there is a mini challenge, such as a litter pick, upcycled art workshop or spending time in nature.

Last year

Last year 445 students from 37 schools ran a student-led environmental project. ISP students used the grants to create school gardens, make podcasts, host eco-fairs and markets, install sensor-taps, beehives, plant trees and much much more.

The biggest success was seeing how passionate and enthusiastic my students were to get this project lifted from the ground up. The grant helped to get their vision started. The best part about our project was seeing the students work together and in harmony for making our planet a better place.

Amazing opportunity for students to lead this grant project. This has allowed students to develop their leadership, organization skills and create a big impact to the environment and the ecosystems. This project has provided the students and the teachers a new learning platform outside the classroom.

Before our project, St Jude's cafeteria discarded approximately a 100 sets of single use meal packages per day, now as a result of our project, none of this waste is no longer generated..

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