ISP International Summer Camp

ISP International Summer Camp

learning area

Summer Camp

Age Range

12 – 16 (TBC)


June-July 2022 (TBC)

Participants per school



Overseas trip

The annual ISP International Summer Camp provides amazing opportunities for our students to meet other ISP students from all over the world, enjoy a range of diverse and exciting experiences, and discover different cultures in a safe and supportive environment.

Due to travel restrictions, the ISP International Summer Camp unfortunately was unable to go ahead for the last two years, but with the more positive likelihood of safe travelling, we are in the planning stages for the 2022 summer camp – details coming soon!

The last camp

Kehoe-France, an ISP school near New Orleans was the last location of the ISP Summer Camp in 2019. ISP students experienced a fully immersive English language programme whilst enjoying the natural wonders of this fascinating region of the USA. Students aged 12 to 14 soaked up American culture at a residential camp and built lifelong friendships.

Taking part in the summer camp allowed our students to improve language skills, become independent, more confident, and they have had a lot of fun and have made memories to keep forever

Let’s remember that although the learning objectives of the 2022 summer camp are the same, the location, setup, and experience is likely to be very different. Watch this space!

Learning objectives:

  • Meet and build friendships with other ISP students from all over the world
  • Enjoy a wealth of diverse and exciting experiences in a safe and supportive environment
  • Experience travelling and being abroad independently from parents and families
  • Develop personal growth, communication, and interpersonal skills

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