ISP International Summer Camp

ISP International Summer Camp

learning area


Age Range

13-17 (tbc)


June – July 2023 (tbc)

Participants per school



Overseas trip

The annual ISP International Summer Camp provides amazing opportunities for our students to meet other ISP students from all over the world, enjoy a range of diverse and exciting learning experiences, and discover different cultures in a safe and supportive environment.

The last camp was held in 2019 at Kehoe-France, an ISP School near New Orleans in the USA, but is returning to the ILOS menu this year as a service-learning and expedition experience in a culturally diverse location.

The service-learning starts far ahead of the actual summer camp event with projects on the location that will have an ethical impact on being worked on months before. Through various projects, whether it be wildlife conservation or human development, summer camp participants will work with sustainable development goals to learn about and have a huge impact on the community they will spend time with.

The last camp

Kehoe-France, an ISP school near New Orleans was the last location of the ISP Summer Camp in 2019. ISP students experienced a fully immersive English language programme whilst enjoying the natural wonders of this fascinating region of the USA. Students aged 12 to 14 soaked up American culture at a residential camp and built lifelong friendships.

Taking part in the summer camp allowed our students to improve language skills, become independent, more confident, and they have had a lot of fun and have made memories to keep forever

Learning objectives:

  • Discover different cultures and traditions to understand the meaning of being a global citizen and having impact on a local community.
  • Gain knowledge of a natural environment and how to preserve and protect cultures.
  • Enjoy a range of fulfilling and exciting activities specific to a variety of habitats.
  • Meet other students and build long-lasting friendships from across the ISP globe.
  • Develop a range of personal skills including communication, teamwork, leadership, and self-confidence through a multidisciplinary long-term project.

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