ISP Maths Challenge

ISP Maths Challenge

learning area

Maths & Problem Solving

Age Range

5 -18


November 2021

Participants per school

Open to all



At ISP we know that mathematics is a vital skill for our students – it encourages logical and analytical thinking and supports better reasoning which is essential in problem-solving. Maths also plays a crucial role in understanding the contents of other school subjects, such as science social studies and even music and art.

That’s why we launched the ISP Maths Challenge in 2020. The annual ISP Maths Challenge is a free week-long online competition for ISP students with a range of exciting team and individual prizes up for grabs!

ISP students aged 5-18 years from different ISP Schools compete with each other by completing fun activities and challenges to earn points. There are also opportunities for the mathematicians to go head-to-head with other ISP students in real-time races which test the speed and accuracy of mathematics fluency.

The competition is designed to encourage and motivate students enabling them to see and feel proud of the progress they are making and creating in a dynamic learning environment.


The competition takes place on the award-winning Mathletics platform, engaging students with maths through gamified learning. With fresh activities, challenges, and regularly updated content, students always have something new to learn and fun to do.

Mathletics blends intrinsic and extrinsic motivations and rewards using best-practice theories of gamified learning. The platform supports many different curricula, enables precise differentiation for each individual student and rewards improvement.

Social media contest

Last year 9,293 ISP students from 46 schools took part in the competition making this our biggest ILOS programme to date!


Last year 9,293 ISP students from 46 schools took part in the competition making this our biggest ILOS programme to date!

    Honestly, the primary kids loved it. They are already asking me if they can sign up for next year. Thank you so much to you and the team behind this competition for hours of fun.

    The (best thing about the competition was the) fact that we got to compete with so many people around the world - it was a pretty thrilling experience - we all kept trying to one-up each other to see who would get more points in our class

    Learning objectives

    • Improve problem-solving and maths skills
    • Motivate students and foster a positive attitude towards maths and problem‑solving
    • Apply maths in interesting contexts outside of the formal curriculum
    • Combine maths skills with other important skills like collaboration and creativity

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