ISP Maths Challenge

ISP Maths Challenge

The ISP Maths Challenge is one of our exciting new International Learning Opportunities for Students launching this October. The online competition will enable students from ISP Schools to compete with each other through fun activities and challenges, with the opportunity for them to also go head‑to‑head with other ISP students in real‑time races that test the speed and accuracy of mathematics fluency.

We are delighted to invite all ISP schools to participate in this new online competition, using the award-winning Mathletics platform. The ISP Maths Challenge is free to enter and there is no limit to the number of students that can participate from each school. The competition provides inspiring opportunities for ISP students aged 5 – 18 years to practice and improve their maths and problem‑solving skills through games‑based learning as well as the opportunity to win educational prizes!

Although under 5’s are unable to participate in the competition, there will be free resources available with exciting games so that even our youngest ISP students can join in and improve their maths and problem‑solving!

The deadline for school registration for the competition is the 9th November. If you are teacher and you want your class to take part in the competition, please visit the dedicated competition website and register your school and class. Once schools are registered on the site, the process of getting Mathletics accounts for students will be clearly outlined.

Learning is at the heart of everything we do at ISP and Mathematics is a core subject in all ISP school curriculums. Maths encourages logical reasoning and plays a crucial role in understanding the contents of other school subjects such as science, social studies, and even music and art. Not only this but, Maths supports analytical thinking and better reasoning which is essential in problem‑solving! 

This new learning opportunity will engage our students with Maths through a games-based learning approach and by taking part in the competition students will practice and improve their maths skills through creative activities that balance learning and play. Games based learning via online platforms encourages and motivates students, enabling them to see and feel proud of the progress they are making and creating a fun and engaging learning environment. It enables precise differentiation for each individual student and rewards improvement. 

The ISP Maths Challenge consists of a 2-week warm-up period from 16th – 29th November, a week-long competition (the main event!) from the 30th November – 6th December and a celebration week at the end of the competition from the 7th – 12th December. Students can access the activities at home or at school, so it can be used in class, for homework or simply for fun. The Mathletics platform can be accessed via a device with an internet connection, so via a laptop or tablet. 

During the competition week students will complete maths activities on the Mathletics platform to score individual points, which in turn also contributes to their school’s overall tally. The competition leader board will be available for students and teachers to view on the ISP Maths Challenge dedicated competition website. The winning students will be those with the most participation points, points can be scored in the Mathletics Curriculum Activities and Live Mathletics sections during the competition week only. Individuals and schools that earn the most points will win educational prizes!

Prizes will be awarded to:

  • 1rd, 2rd and 3rd place: The 3 students with the most participation points
  • School champion: The student in each school with the most participation points
  • Team prizes: the top 5 teams with the highest average participation points
  • There will also be some prizes for schools that participate creatively on social media during the competition!


What knowledge, skills or understanding will students develop? The learning outcomes of the Maths challenge include:

  • Improving problem-solving and maths skills
  • Motivating students and fostering positive attitudes to maths and problem-solving
  • Applying maths in interesting contexts outside of the formal curriculum
  • Combining maths skills with other important skills like collaboration and creativity


For more information on the ISP Maths Challenge, how to register as a school and take part in the competition as a student, view our dedicated competition website.

Alternatively, please speak to your school’s ISP Maths Challenge Coordinator for more information.


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