ISP Schools recognised as some of the best schools in Spain

The International Schools Partnership currently has 11 schools in Spain who continuously rank as some of the best schools in the country. In 2020 and 2021 this was demonstrated through recognition within numerous national league tables in Spain. Each year more and more of our schools are chosen as part of these league tables recognised as schools who lead the way across many areas of school life and as centres of learning excellence for our children and students. Take a look below at the league table publications and our schools that feature within.


The traditional schools’ ranking by El Mundo newspaper placed our schools amongst the best 100 educational centres in Spain and the 30 best international schools in Spain in 2020 and 2021. Schools featured in this ranking were evaluated on 27 key criteria, including the educational model, external recognition, languages, teachers, selectivity, facilities, extracurricular activities, number of students in each classroom as well as the teacher/student ratio, among other criteria.

Within the El Mundo league tables The Lady Elizabeth School (Alicante), Laude San Pedro International College (Marbella), The British School of Vila-Real (Castellón), and The British School of Málaga (Málaga) were placed within the 30 best international schools in Spain and Newton College (Alicante) school was once again placed in the 100 best schools in Spain where it has featured for many years.


Similarly, El Español newspaper, in its renowned annual ranking of The Best Schools in Spain, placed Laude San Pedro International College (Marbella), The British School of Vila-Real (Castellón), Laude El Altillo School (Jerez), and International School Andalucía (Sevilla) within the 20 Top International Schools in Spain.

Furthermore, it ranked The British School of Málaga (Málaga), Newton College (Alicante), and The British School of Almería (Almería) in the list of the 50 Most Outstanding Schools in Spain.

The ranking also distinguished our schools in a category that we, as a group, have been focusing on continuously over the past few years – Innovation. In the list of the 30 Most Innovative Schools, it included Internacional Aravaca (Madrid), Laude Fontenebro School (Madrid), and Palacio de Granda (Asturias).

The rankings were compiled based on pedagogical innovation, international mindedness, the current management models, the academic results of students obtained in external assessment tests, and the classroom learning tools that teachers and students actively use. In addition, on this occasion only, they also took into account the response of the schools’ management to the crisis generated by COVID-19.


In 2021, four of our 11 schools also featured in the prestigious Forbes Magazine ranking of The 50 Best Private and State-Funded Schools in Spain.

The ISP schools included are Laude Fontenebro School (Madrid), Palacio de Granda (Asturias), The British School of Málaga (Málaga), and Newton College (Alicante).

The criteria for this league table were set by a committee of expert educators, psychologists, and education professionals who were selected by the prestigious magazine. The committee analysed 36 objective criteria including educational audits; external recognition or performance of the student body in external tests; the educational offer with regard to languages, teachers, music, and digital approaches to learning; as well as material resources, including the ratio of pupils per teacher, the facilities, laboratories, areas of innovation, and services, amongst other criteria.


Additionally, our group of 11 schools in Spain, received the title of Best International Educational Project 2020 from the Business Excellence Awards hosted by La Razón newspaper.

The awards were presented by Mr. Carlos Rodríguez Braun and handed out by the Minister of Finance (CAM), Mr. Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, during a ceremony that took place on the 30th June 2020. These awards are given as recognition of  outstanding achievement in innovation, growth, environmentalism, research, and the capacity to adapt to new and evolving needs of the market.

Naturally, as a global group of schools, we are incredibly proud of all of our schools’ achievements and the fact that our schools in Spain are able to continuously demonstrate their learning success for local families on a national stage not only shows their commitment to local students and families but also to becoming local schools of choice.

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