ISP students, colleagues and families raise awareness for street-connected children around the world.

In May 2021, the International Schools Partnership (ISP) invited all ISP schools and offices to support the incredible work that Street Child United (SCU), our official charity partner, does by participating in a month of awareness-raising activities, organising events to support students, staff and parents to learn more about street-connected young people and help change negative perceptions.

We have also continued our virtual SCU school visits this year where SCU colleagues and Young Leaders hold virtual assemblies with students and staff to talk to them more about the difficulties millions of street-connected children face every day. Listening to the stories of the Young Leaders, once street-connected children themselves, has inspired many of our students and staff to help support this great cause.

As a result of both of these initiatives, we are delighted and proud to say our schools and offices have answered the call and have come up with many different ways to raise awareness and proceeds for Street Child United. Some examples include:

  • San Pedro International College in Spain combined this drive with World Litter Less Day to donate proceeds from a beach clean-up day raised by families.
  • Tenby Schools Ipoh in Malaysia organised an SCU virtual charity run.
  • La Colina School held a family photo contest allowing every family member to participate by using costumes and home props to recreate one of the many rights children have. All of the pictures were then shown in a virtual gallery.
  • The Lady Elizabeth School in Spain dedicated a whole day across the school in May to raise awareness for SCU. School-wide events included coming to school in football kits or their own clothes for a donation to SCU, working on football skills, flag design competitions, bake sales and more.
  • The ISP Central office held a virtual quiz hosted by SCU colleagues which both raised awareness and funds for the charity.

Design a Flag Challenge

During the SCU Awareness Raising Month we also invited ISP students to submit their designs for a flag for their SCU partner team who will be taking part in the Street Child World Cup (SCWC) in Doha in 2022.
Each ISP school was designated a country they were to design a flag for as a partner team and a team to cheer for in the SCWC. The flag designs had to meet a set of design requirements with schools able to submit the top five flag designs from their school.

Traditionally, when the country teams first come out onto the pitch at the SCWC, they carry their country flag. This time, they will come out carrying two flags – their country flag and a flag designed by ISP students at their partner school! This means a stadium full of supporters and dignitaries will see the flags designed by winning ISP students at the SCWC in Doha 2022!

Congratulations to the winners! You can view each winning design from ISP schools around the world in this presentation:

Learn more about SCU

To learn more about the great work of Street Child United, please find out more on their website.


You can also donate to help improve the lives of street-connected children here.

Our Winners

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