ISP Virtual Exchange

ISP Virtual Exchange

Life competencies

Global and self-leadership

Age Range

11 -18


October 2023 to April 2024

Editions per year




ISP Virtual Exchange, previously known as ISP Virtual Buddy Exchange Programme, enables classrooms to do a reciprocal virtual exchange of interactive activities with other ISP schools around the globe.

Learning Objectives

  • Knowledge: Know about a range of cultures, traditions and history.
  • Skills: I have developed my language and communication skills, cultural competence, autonomy and self-confidence.
  • Understanding: Develop my understanding of individuals, communities and global issues using social awareness and empathy.
  • Confidence: Grow my confidence in being immersed in a new culture and learning in new settings.

The programme enables students to exchange experiences, cultures, hobbies, and ideas. It gives our students the unique opportunity to connect with other people, other cultures and other countries and provide another truly collaborative, yet, amazing learning experience

Coordinator, ISP Virtual Exchange, Tenby Schools Ipoh, Malaysia.

The main takeaway for me was that there are persons like me in every part of the world. Even if we have different cultures, we still can find other persons like us.

Student, ISP Virtual Exchange, Colegio Pedro de Valdiviva Peñalolen, Chile

2022/2023 highlights

237 students participated in this programme last year, exchanging experiences, ideas and learning about a new culture.

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