ISP welcomes St. George’s College

We are extremely pleased to announce that the International Schools Partnership has become the owner of St. George’s College in Lima, Peru.

The School educates approximately 1,900 children and students from 3-17 years of age. The school runs the national curriculum for predominantly local families and is a leading educational provider in the local area.

Steve Brown, Group CEO of the International Schools Partnership, comments:

“We are delighted St. George’s College has joined the International Schools Partnership. The school already has a great reputation for helping students become 21st Century learners and citizens. We are thrilled we will be able to share the benefits of being part of our global group of schools as well as learning from St. George’s experiences over the years. Our aim will be to help the School improve and progressively strengthen the School’s reputation, with a view to becoming the school of choice in the local community. The School will add tremendous value to ISP.”

We welcome all children, students and staff of St. George’s College to the ISP group of schools.

Find out more about the schools here: St. George’s College


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