Robert Graves

Regional Managing Director – Mexico & Central America

Rob has been the founding principal of three international schools. Moving internationally from the UK, Rob relocated to Egypt where he worked with the community to build and open an NGO school to offer families an international education. His next move took him to Qatar, where he was appointed Principal of a joint venture between Shell GTL and World Class Learning Group, to open an international school to service the company’s expatriate employees and the local community of Al Khor.

During his time, Rob led the integration of the school into the Nord Anglia Education International Schools Group. He was then promoted to China Bilingual Schools Executive Principal and moved to Shanghai where he led the successful opening of Nord Anglia Chinese International School, before moving to Central America where he took on the role of Regional Executive Principal to support the schools in this region with integration and strategic growth.

Rob’s natural passion for school life, coupled with his diverse educational experiences within a range of cultural settings around the world, positions him well in his role of Regional Managing Director in providing leadership, support and advice to the schools in the Mexico & Central America region of International Schools Partnership (ISP).

Rob enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf and traveling to new places around the world.

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