Adriana Sorbellini

Head, Mile School

Born and raised in Milan, after graduating in Law, Adriana Sorbellini pursued post-graduate pedagogical studies, deepening her skills abroad where she was able to come into contact with a variety of bilingual early childhood education institutions.

In 1998, she founded the first bilingual nursery school in Franciacorta (BS, Italy). In 2003, on behalf of Nestlé Italy, she created a corporate bilingual nursery school in Milan.

In 2003, she also founded the first the bilingual kindergarten in Milan, followed, in 2008, by the primary school and, in 2013, the middle school; creating what is now MILE School, a bilingual educational structure, with ‘paritaria’ status, the school being officially recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education.

A passionate researcher, Adriana has participated in the drafting of items of the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) quality path certification, in collaboration with the City of Milan. She collaborates with the University of Pavia, the Catholic University of Milan and the Bicocca University of Milan.

She is an ambassador of the project: Milano Cities Changing Diabetes.

She strongly supports the educational contribution of innovation and digitization, promoting robotics projects as well as expanding the network of international relations related to education and the spread of bilingualism from early childhood.

In her private life she plays the piano, is passionate about reading, music, yoga, Qigong, cycling and skiing. ‘Passion for Education’ is her motto.

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