Afzal Safi

Regional FPA & Procurement Manager – Middle East

Afzal was born and raised in London, UK where he obtained his degree in Finance with Management from the University of Westminster. Through studying in a multicultural environment in the heart of London, he decided to explore different cities and cultures around the world. From this journey, Afzal found himself in Paris with an opportunity to take a role with one of France’s largest investment banks. Despite all the wonderful patisseries available at every corner, Afzal decided on returning home to continue his career in the financial district in the city of London. This did not stop him from travelling and Afzal found himself frequently in the deserts of Dubai, falling in love with the diversity and urban culture of a unique modern Middle Eastern country. This led him to International Schools Partnership (ISP) in the Middle East, joining them as a Business Analyst and recently as Regional FPA & Procurement Manager for the region. Due to the rapid growth of ISP, Afzal found himself embedded in an organisation that matches his ambition and willingness to go the extra mile to find success.

Afzal is a strong lover of Art and History and often finds himself in Galleries and Museums. In addition to this, Afzal has a strong interest in Football, Tennis, Movies and Technology.

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