Alejandro Delgado

Regional Finance Director, Mexico and Central America

Alejandro studied accounting and has an MBA in Business.

Since Alejandro started working, he was interested in the educational industry, so he began his professional career as a teacher in one of the best universities in Mexico and stayed there for more than five years.

Since then, he has worked in several companies in the Finance field, in which the last eleven years he was part of one of the largest international education funds in Mexico.

For the aforementioned, his professional career has been as a Financial Executive; he has more than 25 years of experience in different sectors including Retail, Telecommunications, Education & Investment Banking.

Throughout his experience, he has developed and implemented financial strategies in complex environments (Crisis, Growth & Operational Redesign) in different companies and has successfully managed P&Ls, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows with extensive focus in Strategic Planning, Financial Planning and Processes.

Among his hobbies, he likes cycling and playing paddle with his family. He is a family man and loves spending time with them.

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