Andrea Díaz

Admissions Assistant, Iberia

Andrea was born in Madrid (Spain) but grew up both in Libya and Belgrade because of her parents work, which gave her great cultural awareness, knowledge and social exposure. She is a bilingual Spanish-English speaker. She has a degree in International Relations by Loyola University (Seville, Spain). She also holds two Master´s: Strategic Studies and International Security by Granada´s University (Granada, Spain) and Digital Transformation by Salamanca´s University (Salamanca, Spain).

Working in favour of peace and security has always been her passion, so she started her career in 2017 working as an Intern in UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) in Islamabad (Pakistan), where she published an article about Gender Balance. Since then, she has worked in foreign countries in a broad range of different Organizations. Being able to contribute to future generations, drove and motivated her to apply to ISP Schools for the position of Admissions Assistant to take part in its purpose in offering the most innovative and international educational experience.
Despite being a conscientious hard worker and trustworthy, she enjoys outdoor activities such as horseriding, surfing, hiking and skiing, as well as and spending time with friends and family.

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