Anna Devi Bandi

Group Investment Associate

Anna Devi is Italian and studied Law in Rome. During university she also spent some time at the University of Oviedo, in Spain, thanks to the Erasmus Programme Scholarship. After working for a law firm in Italy and later in the business development field in Qatar, she moved to the UK where she got her MBA from Durham University. There she was elected as one of the Ustinov College students body representatives and was awarded with a scholarship and the postgraduate award.

Anna Devi is passionate about learning and believes that high quality international education is key to a better society. Her father was a school Principal and her mother a Teacher. Both were passionate educators; therefore, she basically grew up in a school!

Anna Devi enjoys helping the growth of organisations that can make an impact in the world. With the rest of her team she is involved in development projects in various countries, mapping new markets and identifying opportunities to grow the ISP group of schools. She travels to meet potential partners and to attend seminars and she is often in touch with people from different cultures.

Anna Devi is an activist and president of an association, she loves cooking for her friends, practicing yoga meditation and travelling.

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