Arvind Nagarajan

Investment Director

Arvind grew up in Michigan in the USA, where his mother was a university professor teaching Corporate Strategy. While it took a winding journey, Arvind eventually found himself at a similar junction, combining education and strategy in his role at International Schools Partnership (ISP). Along the way, he received his BA with distinction in Economics and Political Science from Yale University, and his MBA from MIT Sloan. Arvind started his career as a consultant at Bain & Company before spending time at the Clinton Health Access Initiative working on malaria treatment programmes in Asia and Africa.

Arvind’s initial foray into the education sector came through joining the Pearson Affordable Learning Fund (PALF), where he led investment activity in India and Latin America and co-authored The Inner Workings of Affordable Private Schools, a practical guide for entrepreneurs and investors in the space. During his time at Pearson, Arvind managed investments in schools in Ghana, India, the Philippines, and South Africa, and this is where he developed a passion for school groups. Subsequently, Arvind joined ISP in 2017 to help develop a cluster of schools in the USA and has thoroughly enjoyed the exciting environment and growth of the group ever since.

When not enjoying time with his two lovely daughters and wife, Arvind can be found playing tennis, reading, or watching almost any sport.

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