Aspen Heights British School

Aspen Heights British School (AHBS) was founded in September 2017 and provides a supportive and engaging international environment, enabling children to flourish and mature into highly skilled and resilient global citizens.

Aspen Heights British School (AHBS) is an exceptional school located in Abu Dhabi, in the capital of the UAE. Founded in September 2017, it is now providing a supportive and engaging international environment for children aged 3 to 15 years old. The AHBS community is a family of diverse individuals who share the same passion and vision for building a better world through amazing learning, and this is naturally passed on to pupils. The mission at Aspen Heights British School is to ensure all children, of all different nationalities, can learn and succeed together, both academically and in a community setting.

Children will be inspired by the National Curriculum of England which is delivered in a personalised way by integrating the school locality, community and environment. This delivery enables young students to flourish and mature into highly skilled and resilient global citizens. Through a relevant, memorable and highly effective learning experience for all ages, children are given an opportunity to develop confidence across the high quality international British curriculum.

AHBS encourages children to work collaboratively with their peers, developing memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. The school embraces the individuality of each learner, supporting in the classroom and during enriching after-school programmes. There is a passionate focus on helping AHBS students thrive academically, socially, culturally and physically; individuals will be amazed at themselves and go on to inspire others.

Head: Emma Shanahan

Ages Taught: 3-15 years 

Curriculum: British

Special Features: 

  • A worksheet free school, encouraging enquiry-based collaborative learning.
  • Active in the community, embracing UAE heritage with their own Sheikh Zayed Museum, farmers markets and sustainability projects in local parks and beaches.
  • Students learn to take care of the world around them through looking after animals – tortoises and fish and use hydroponics to cultivate fruit and vegetables.
  • Brand new facilities include Design & Technology areas, a dance studio, swimming pool, indoor gymnasium, IT rooms, libraries, music rooms, shaded outdoor play and outdoor five aside football/netball pitch.

Aspen Heights British School

Al Bahya, PO Box 137352, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tel: +971 2 564 2229

Email: [email protected]



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