Ayushman Sarma

Regional Digital Systems and CRM Specialist – Middle East

Originally from the state of Assam (India), Ayushman completed his studies in Mechanical Engineering and began his career in Hewlett Packard, managing software & IT Operations mostly for clients from the shipping & manufacturing industries across the world.

With professional experience of 10 years, Ayushman has worked for brands like Hewlett Packard and Grant Thornton US as a Senior Associate and has played key roles in setting up and implementing technology and communication platforms for several clients globally, from multiple industries like Oil & gas, Shipping & logistics, Finance, IT and Professional Services.

Born and raised in India, he moved to Dubai in early 2020 to work on Technology transitions for reputed financial firms. He joined the ISP Middle East team in February 2021 as a Digital Systems and CRM Specialist to manage and support Marketing & Admissions with his expertise in Digital and CRM platforms. 

Ayushman is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, has travelled across his home country on his bike and eager to explore UAE soon.

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