Baton Rouge International School

The Baton Rouge International School (BRIS) in Louisiana, USA educates and inspires 475 children and students from ages 6 weeks to 18 years, preparing them for a successful and enriching future.

The Baton Rouge International School (BRIS) in Louisiana, USA educates 475 children and students from 6 weeks -18 years of age. The school is in its 19th year of operation and is the only international school between Atlanta and Houston to offer a full multilingual immersion programme in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Chinese. The multilingual programme, along with a rigorous international curriculum based on best practices from around the world and the IB Programme, enriches the lives of young learners by helping them develop native-like language proficiency and blend seamlessly with global cultures.

The aim of Baton Rouge International School is to prepare children for the future. From preschool through to 12th grade, students will be given the opportunities and experiences to master languages and technology via a stimulating and inspiring curriculum. They will also be taught intellectual discipline, respect, work habits and ethics, autonomy and responsibility in a safe and nurturing environment.

Aside from an enriching curriculum, Baton Rouge International School also offers a varied selection of recreational activities including competitive soccer, karate, chess, piano, violin, scouts and more. The educational learning conducted in the classroom is solidified through these extracurricular activities, giving students the chance to put what they’ve learned into practice. Step by step, combining tradition and modernity, the BRIS students of today will become the leaders of tomorrow.

HeadVicki Jarrell

Ages Taught: 6 weeks – 18 years

Curricula: American & International

Special Features: 

  • Immersive Multilingual environment – English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Chinese
  • Full IB School
  • STEM focused learning
  • Robotics Lab

Baton Rouge International School

5015 Auto Plex Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809, USA

Tel: +225 293 4338

Email: [email protected]


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