Blaise Craven

Digital Content Producer

Originally from Berkshire in the UK, Blaise immigrated to southern Spain with his family at a young age and was educated at an international school. It was whilst living in Spain, Blaise discovered his passion for all things media and took a keen interest in cameras.

After seven years abroad, his journey continued when he relocated back to the UK with the hope of expanding his knowledge of digital media and to break into the world of marketing. Blaise got his breakthrough when he was placed as an apprentice for a digital marketing agency in London. Spending his first year as a ‘runner’ on sets, he eventually worked his way into a camera operating role and took a full-time position at the company. Since then, Blaise has worked with many global corporate enterprises and with various celebrities on movie production sets.

He joined the International Schools Partnership (ISP) in August 2018 as Digital Content Producer, a new role within the organisation.

In his spare time, Blaise enjoys video editing, cameras, football, music and social events.

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