Camila Sayers

Group Marketing Officer

An International student herself, Camila has lived in the Middle East, Brazil and Spain before she moved permanently to the UK to finish her education. 

Camila is from a mixed Brazilian and British background and is multilingual speaking English, Portuguese and Spanish. She graduated with a BA in Latin America Studies from University College London (UCL). Camila has worked at the International Schools Partnership (ISP) since August 2016 and enjoys using her language and communication skills working for an international group. She is also enthusiastic about exploring the creative aspects of her role through the organisation of events as well as learning and developing her skills in the marketing aspect of her role.

In her spare time Camila enjoys acting and presenting and has taken part in various film and entertainment events, conferences and interviews in collaboration with numerous online entertainment platforms. She also enjoys travelling, live music, theatre and finding any excuse to try new foods!

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