Carla Howell

Leadership Development Co-ordinator

Carla grew up in the UK and lived in Switzerland for one year when she was 10. This ignited a passion for international travel, and since then, she has worked, volunteered and travelled extensively in Asia, South America and Europe.

Carla graduated from Loughborough university with a BSc in Psychology and this love for and interest in people has fuelled her involvement in different community projects around the world.

After graduating, Carla worked as a coach and mentor for a charity that focused on developing mental health and resilience in 13-18 year olds. This helped her to develop sensitivity, empathy and the ability to build and deliver effective and engaging programmes for arguably one of the most challenging age groups! She also set up a small digital content creation company, copywriting and designing content for clients to help them better communicate with their target audience.

Carla is passionate about equipping young people with the skills to be able to understand and regulate themselves in a rapidly changing and increasingly stimulating world. She loves nature, arts and sports and, in her spare time, enjoys writing music and getting out for long hikes with friends.

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