Carlos Gómez Iniesta

Regional Director of Marketing- Mexico & Central America

Carlos has always enjoyed good stories. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from the Monterrey Institute of Technology (Tec de Monterrey) and has completed advanced coursework in teaching, marketing, storytelling, business planning, SEO and social media. He has a specialty in filmmaking at the New York Film Academy which has helped empower his stories in audiovisual and graphic media. Those stories were also told in both print and in digital media as he was Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor for multiple entertainment brands in the region where he also designed and directed various media campaigns.

Carlos speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese and has been a consultant, a lecturer and a university professor. Now at International Schools Partnership since April 2021, he begins a path in education and learning from a place where he truly believes he can make this a better world for current and future generations.

Carlos likes to have fun with his family and enjoys long road trips and film tourism. He enjoys data analysis and reading history books, watching sporting events and mountain biking. He would rather listen to music than dance to it. Carlos is a film buff who loves to write about both classic and Latin American films, always accompanied by the biggest popcorn bucket that he can find. He truly believes in Latin America as a region and the power of its narrative.

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