Carolina Baladrón

Regional Marketing, Communications & Events Manager – Europe

Carolina was born and raised in Chile and also has Italian citizenship. She holds a BA in Business Administration and is passionate about Marketing and Communications, a field in which she has been working in for almost 20 years. She is fluent in English and has a Diploma in Marketing Communications, which she completed in London after living there for a year. Carolina has worked in various industries, such as retail, fashion, telecommunications, pharmacy chains, and in a media company, always closely associated to branding, strategies, communications, and customer experience. In every position she has held strategic and senior roles.

She firmly believes that the brands that connect most with their audiences are those which communicate values, emotions, and feasible promises. Carolina also values companies that prioritise taking time to improve their customer experience, understanding that the customers are the ones who have to be at the centre of it all. This is the vision she wants to bring to her role at the International Schools Partnership (ISP).

Carolina loves travelling and her favourite country is her beloved Italy, the place which she always finds a way of returning to.

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