Carolyn Lucia

Head, Fairmont Preparatory Academy

Education is in Carolyn Lucia’s DNA – her passion for preparing students for success is palpable. Regarded as a “compass” within the Fairmont organization, Carolyn oversees all facets of educational programming. A strong yet approachable leader, she navigates the needs of all stakeholders, advocating for the best possible outcomes. She has a gift for seeing possibilities within people and providing them with opportunities to grow into their potential.

Carolyn holds a B.A. in Communications, an M.S. in Educational Administration, and several teaching and administrative credentials. She has enjoyed a 33-year career in education. A strong believer in many approaches, she founded a K-12 charter school and served as its Executive Director. She has worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and was invited to Stanford University to help shape the Measures for Effective Teaching Project.

Desiring to return to a school campus again, Carolyn came to Fairmont Preparatory Academy as the Dean of Advanced Studies before being promoted to P-12 Director of Education where she implemented several new initiatives including curriculum mapping and textbook adoption plans. For four years, she served in a dual role as Director of Education and Assistant Head of School. In 2019, she was promoted again, this time to Head of School. In 2020, her role expanded to Managing Director of Fairmont Campuses.

When not on campus, Carolyn enjoys baking, home organizing, Netflix binging, and miniature house building. She is also the proud fur parent to crazy but loveable dogs who amuse her daily!

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