Christina Psarra

Regional Head of Admissions – Europe

Christina is originally from Athens, Greece. She moved to the UK to study at university and stayed to live and work there for a further five years after completing her degree. Her initial degree was in Ancient History & Civilisations, and after completing further post-graduate qualifications in Archaeology and Museum Studies she was won over by her interest in business, with her latest masters being an MBA with marketing specialisation.

Whilst living in the UK, Christina led sales and business development teams in the technology industry. On moving to the UAE in 2005, she focused exclusively on the Middle East education industry, specialising in Marketing, Admissions and new projects. Christina is regarded as an expert in launching new educational institutions to the market, having been involved in several of the most successful projects in the Middle East. Christina blends a unique ability to understand, nurture and ultimately exceed the expectations of investors, educational stakeholders and end-users alike by understanding how to build and maintain successful and long-lasting relationships.

Christina’s free time is divided between her twins Achilles and Ariadne, and her other two passions – fitness and painting. Her daily fitness regime includes Bodybuilding, CrossFit and RPM, while her numerous paintings decorate her house; oil, acrylic, and watercolours are her preferred mediums.

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