Colegio Pedro de Valdivia Peñalolén

The Colegio Pedro de Valdivia, Campus Peñalolén was founded in 1997 and encourages the successful development of its students through perseverance, excellence and personal improvement.

The Colegio Pedro de Valdivia, Campus Peñalolén was founded in 1997, in one of the most beautiful and fastest-growing neighbourhoods in the city of Santiago. The school’s location is an important asset: close to the vineyards and the Andes Mountains, with easy access to several important areas of Santiago. The school currently has over 2,700 students.

Colegio Pedro de Valdivia Peñalolén aspires to serve the academic, personal and social needs of all children and students by following two fundamental objectives: the first is academic excellence by ensuring an excellent quality of learning for students through continuously reviewing and assessing learning, teaching methodology and curricula. 

The second objective is to provide an integrated learning environment. The school actively supports and values the development of skills and disciplines beyond academics offering a wide range of sports and arts-related subjects while placing particular emphasis on values, ethics and spiritual growth. CPV Peñalolén’s grounds offer outstanding facilities for a variety of sports, including soccer, volleyball, basketball and figure skating, meaning children have the exact facilities and environment they need to excel in their chosen sport. Additionally, Colegio Pedro de Valdivia Peñalolén has a strong focus on building a learning community not just for students but for staff and parents too.

Perseverance, the search for excellence and the valuation of effort and personal improvement, are an integral part of life at the school. It is these values which fundamentally prepare and enable students to access Higher Education and beyond.

Head: Claudia Díaz García

Ages Taught: 2-18 years 

Curriculum: Chilean

Special Features:

  • Strong Mathematics, Chemistry and History Departments; evidenced by significant success in local and regional competitions
  • Peer Mediation Programme
  • Development of several sports; Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey and Figure skating
  • Environmental education programme

Colegio Pedro de Valdivia Peñalolén

Av. Quilín 5473, Peñalolén, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +569 3919 4397

Email: [email protected]


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