Coral Villarreal

Regional Director of Human Resources – Mexico & Central America

Coral was born in Mexico City as the youngest daughter in an Italian-Spanish family.  From an early age, she started to show interest in different cultures, literature, history, and philosophy. One of her favorite books is The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss, a story about a boy who gained knowledge and learned values in a fantasy world.  

Having studied in a bilingual school with multinational teachers, she learned about the diversity in English and Spanish literature, which drove her attention towards human behavior and how it evolves in society.  This is why Coral studied a bachelor’s of science degree in Communication followed by a master’s in education combined with multiple certificates in Business Administration, Learning and Development, People Analytics and Team Culture. 

Coral discovered her passion in the Human Resources world where she could combine and apply her knowledge and skills to identify and develop people through a unique and personalised approach. Being part of Human Resources teams and leading all areas in the HR Department through her career of nearly 20  years, she has gained a solid acumen on developing talent according to individual skills, competencies, and motivations, achieving engagement and work satisfaction through a continuous learning culture.  

Coral loves to travel and do volunteering work. She has been in Africa and India promoting childrens education and helping save endangered species. In her spare time, she loves to read, attend ballet performances, go hiking, and play video games. 

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