Deborah Martin

Group Teacher Professional Learning Specialist

Deborah is passionate about transformation and educational research with a social purpose. Early on in her career, she ran probation and juvenile centres for teenagers with behavioural disorders. Living the hostility, aggressiveness, and anger of teenagers with these types of challenges, she thought: What can I do to prevent it?

These years dedicated to social labour and therapeutic reintegration give her a global vision of healthy and pathological environments. So, she advises schools and universities to change their educational model towards a healthy, friendly, respectful environment and combine active teaching and technology. She has trained more than 5000 people worldwide about learning experiences, teaching strategies, and appropriate technology.

She is a speaker of educational events; has published nearly 20 scientific articles and two books. She loves learning; she is a Doctor in Education, Forensic Psychologist, Master in Educational Innovation and Research, Master in Criminology and Criminal Sciences and Master in Criminal Law and Minors.

She is a big fan of her children, whom she accompanies to make their dreams come true. In addition, she likes yoga, belly dance and laugh.

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