Diego Morales

Regional CRM Manager – US & Canada

Diego grew up in Mexico City and studied psychology and psychoanalysis. For eight years, he worked as a psychologist for one of our schools in the MexCA Region, where he had the opportunity to get involved in developing his students. During this time, Diego enjoyed bonding with children and parents, helping them in their psychological and intellectual development. In September 2020, he joined ISP as Admissions Analyst for Mexico and Central America. He expanded his knowledge of international procedures in schools, leadership, and culture and loved learning about data, systems, and community analysis. In November 2022, Diego joined the United States and Canada Regional Office as CRM Manager; he is happy to be part of an incredible team and contribute to the region’s growth.

His passions are family, sports, music, and culture around craft beer; if you feel like trying something new, he might have a good recommendation. He loves spending time with his family, including his little dogs.

Diego is happy to work for ISP; for him, the most important thing is education, culture, and that our families feel delighted in our exceptional schools.

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