Elena Bignardi

Head, Mile School

Elena Bignardi, a native of Milan, possesses a rich educational background rooted in pedagogical studies. Her professional journey commenced in the realm of teaching within various private schools in Milan, where she quickly distinguished herself.

In 2001, Elena embarked on an impactful journey at Collegio San Carlo, where she spearheaded the development of an intercultural, bilingual program. Her collaborative efforts with Università Cattolica further underscored her dedication to advancing bilingual education. This culminated in her appointment as Head of Primary in 2010.

Transitioning to MILE Bilingual School in 2018, Elena assumed the role of Head of Primary, affirming her commitment to educational excellence. The year 2023 marked a significant milestone in her career, as she ascended to the positions of Head of Primary and Head of Middle School, ultimately being entrusted with the overarching role of Whole School Principal.

Elena is a keen researcher, continuously enriching her expertise through participation in courses and training programs both in Italy and across the globe. Her collaborations with distinguished institutions such as the University of Pavia, the Catholic University of Milan, and the Bicocca University of Milan further attest to her academic prowess.

Elena is an advocate for the infusion of innovation and digitization in education, champions robotics initiatives and endeavors to expand the network of international educational partnerships. Her passionate advocacy extends to the support of gifted and talented students.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Elena finds solace in her love for animals, a penchant for exploration through travel, and a deep appreciation for the theatrical arts.

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