Francesca Gaeta

Regional Marketing Director – Europe

Francesca was born and raised in Milan but has been travelling extensively due to her passion for deepening her language skills and broaden her world view. She studied Political Science at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, graduating with honours, before completing two Masters degrees in Human Resources Management and Corporate Communications, with a focus on Communication, Public Relations and Event Organisation.

Francesca consolidated the knowledge she acquired from her academic studies by working in marketing and communications with international B2C and B2B companies, including Sergio Tacchini, Lectra, TIM and Costa Crociere. Through these experiences she gained a thorough expertise in Digital and Automated Base Marketing. Her desire to get in the game and expand her professional skills led her to explore different sectors, from fashion and design to services and tourism, before finally moving into the world of education. In 2021, she was appointed to lead the Italian Marketing & Communications team at Inspired Education Group.

In March 2023, Francesca joined ISP as Marketing Director for the Europe Region, where she is designing and implementing demand-generation strategies and marketing processes; and evaluating, selecting, and introducing the most suitable technological tools to optimise procedures and performances.

On a personal level, Francesca is a proud mum of two school-aged girls and in her spare time she shares her passion for travelling with her family. Her favourite destinations are without doubt the seaside, castles (fairy and otherwise) and theme parks. A must for her? Being one of the first to see any new cartoon in the cinema with her family and challenging her husband and daughters to Mario Kart tournaments.

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