Francisco Javier Donoso Gómez

Head of School – Colegio Pedro De Valdivia Agustinas

Francisco was born in Talagante, near the city of Santiago in Chile. He went to school in his hometown and then moved to Santiago to attend the University of Chile and graduate as a professor of Physics and Mathematics.

Whilst also working at the University he began his dream of being an educator for all people regardless of their age, background or academic ability, within a vareity of public and private educational institutions.

In 1983 he joined Pedro de Valdivia Preuniversity. In 1984, he accepted the great responibility of forming the Casa de Estudios Pedro de Valdivia School, belonging to the same Institution.

In his spare time, he likes to photograph and explore Chile, particularly the different national parks, forests, and region of Southern Patagonia. Touring the hills of a thousand colors in the north, the green of the south, the white stony Andes, the calm on the beaches of the north and the stormy sea in the south, always enjoying nature.

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