Iciar Muñoz de Verger

Head of Research & Communications, Iberia

Icíar grew up in Madrid but was brought up in international schools in Madrid, London and Switzerland. She speaks 5 languages and has lived in 7 countries. As a plurilingualism enthusiast, her interest in how pluricultural competences impact on communication and interaction, led her to studying Translation and Interpreting in Spain, France and Germany and specializing in Marketing.

She has extensive international background in the field of communications, business development, project management and is passionate about education. Icíar worked for 7 years as the Marketing, Admissions and Communications Manager in a fast-growing education group. She has joined ISP Schools to work closely with all areas of the Iberia Regional team and emphasize ISP Schools’ vision for what makes a successful school, taking the best practices from such a diverse group and sharing them to keep improving together.

She has 2 little boys and a dog. She loves watching movies with her kids, practicing yoga, and travelling. Africa is her favorite continent; she lived in Ghana, Mozambique, and Senegal

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