Ignacio López-Peña

Regional Head of Facilities – Europe

Nacho was born in Murcia in Southeast Spain, but later moved with his family to live in Madrid. He has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to study abroad in the USA, where he became fluent in English. On his return to Spain, Nacho assisted the University in Madrid where he also obtained a degree in Technical Architecture & Construction Engineering. Nacho also achieved his master’s degree in Asset & Facility Management in Madrid.  During his time at university, he was able to combine his own studies with working as a tutor, teaching Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English.  He enjoyed being able to help the students to improve in both their studies and their motivation, and through this experience he became aware of the value and importance of teaching and education and how it really is a life-changing experience for all those prepared to embrace it.  Nacho moved on to work in the construction industry for ten years, including two exciting and challenging years in London. Following this he joined International Schools partnership (ISP) in March 2018 to take on the responsibility for Facility Management for the Europe group of schools. He is an active member of The International Facility Management Association, where he shares both experience and good practice with top professionals in this field of expertise from around the world.

In his spare time, Nacho loves all outdoor sports, enjoys good food and spending time with his family – especially with his two baby daughters.

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