Inmaculada Navarro

Facilities Specialist- Europe

Inmaculada was born in Fuente de Cantos, Badajoz, a south-west region of Spain. At an early age, she developed her interest in science and art and design and later moved to Madrid to study Architecture.

She finished her master’s at the University of Alcalá after receiving a scholarship from the Warsaw University of Technology in Poland. Whilst she was a student, Inma also had the opportunity to work in Germany. From both her education and work experience, she considers herself a global citizen and enjoys international environments.

Inma has been a licensed Architect since 2017 and joined the International Schools Partnership (ISP) in February 2020, as the Facilities Specialist – Europe. Her prior experience has involved working and collaborating in a variety of fields in architecture design and construction. These include heritage preservation, landscaping and housing and hospitality. She believes that facilities and space design are an important part of learning processes.

In her spare time, Inma loves traveling, learning new languages and practicing Ashtanga yoga. She likes going to the cinema, museums and exhibitions and has recently taken up theatre lessons.

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