Instituto Thomas Jefferson Palomar

Instituto Thomas Jefferson Palomar was founded 16 years ago in Guadalajara with the mission to develop positive leaders by nurturing compassion, joy, competitiveness, cooperation and wisdom.

Instituto Thomas Jefferson Palomar was founded 16 years ago in Guadalajara and is highly regarded nationally and internationally as a centre of academic excellence. In 2012, ITJ Palomar was accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), whilst remaining an active member of the American Schools of Mexico (ASOMEX) – an association that provides school orientation and training opportunities in a variety of academic and formal areas.

The mission of the Instituto Thomas Jefferson Palomar is to develop positive leaders who are prepared for the 21st century, which means nurturing compassion, joy, competitiveness, cooperation and wisdom. Children and students grow to be models of success, and agents of change in a technologically global world; while fulfilling family, community and environmental responsibilities. ITJ Palomar is thus known for its forward-thinking and innovative approach to child development and learning.

Through all educational stages: Nursery, Elementary, Middle School and High School, children are encouraged to generate and manage their own knowledge. By stimulating curiosity, student’s discover their interests, talents and desire to learn about their world. Meaningful learning is the result of experiences, so memory exercises and repetition are left behind at this independent school. Their commitment to providing the highest quality academic experience means that students develop their own voice, asking questions and taking personal and intellectual risks, in a safe, comfortable and creative environment. The comprehensive, yet engaging curriculum at Instituto Thomas Jefferson Palomar prepares students beyond the traditional academic system, ensuring they are well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities they’ll face in future whilst building them to be happy, successful adults.

Head: Melody Martin Del Campo

Ages Taught: 1 ½ – 18 years

Curriculum: Mexican

Special Features: 

  • Accredited By NEASC
  • Member of ASOMEX
  • STEAM focused learning
  • International High School
  • Flexible curriculum for Elite student athletes
  • Project Based Learning (PBL)
  • Gifted & Talented/Inclusion Programme
  • Model United Nations

Instituto Thomas Jefferson Palomar

Ramal la Tijera 1753 Fraccionamiento Amapas Tlajomulco De Zúñiga, Jalisco, México, CP 45640

Tel: +52 (33) 1253-3350

Email: [email protected]



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