Internacional Aravaca

International Aravaca is a bilingual, private school teaching children and students aged from 2 to 18 years old in the city of Madrid.

Founded in 2008, International Aravaca is a bilingual, private, co-educational school teaching all educational levels from Infant Stage to High School. Having received an Educational Excellence and Innovation Award for their Early Childhood educational programme, and a 100% pass rate in the 2020 EVAU university entrance exams, International Aravaca is well known for its strong academics but is also recognised for the importance placed on fostering a holistic approach to learning to build the skills necessary to achieve future success. 

Colegio International Aravaca focuses on developing entrepreneurship, critical thinking and conflict resolution via a range of stimulating and challenging methods such as annual entrepreneurship projects from Primary level, as well as speaking and debate programmes. Children are also given access to a variety of socio-emotional programmes to gain tolerance, understanding and compassion towards the people around them. Focusing on these skills as well as the multilingual environment enables International Aravaca to develop capable and responsible young people who thrive in a multicultural society. Developing high digital competence within each student is a core pillar at International Aravaca, to enable them to respond to a society that demands such skills. Children are given unique opportunities to study the International Aravaca Code Academy as well as train in robotic programming and 3D printing under the guidance of innovation experts. 

Students at International Aravaca are encouraged to take responsibility for their education, setting their own pace and discovering a love for learning. This is achieved through the provision of a broad range of extracurricular activities including a well-established sports program and unique, environmental projects. It is through the passionate teachers and rigorous programs that International Aravaca develop resilient, happy and respectful individuals who go on to succeed in whatever they put their mind to.

Head of School: Marta Martínez Santos

Ages Taught: 2 – 18 years

Curriculum: Spanish Curriculum and IB Applicant school 2nd year in PYP and MYP Programme.

Special Features:

  • Spanish-English bilingual program (Cambridge Certification)
  • Member of CICAE (Asociación de colegios Privados e Independientes) and ACADE (Asociación de Centros Autónomos de Enseñanza Privada)
  • Erasmus Certified School
  • No Bullying Certified School (Lookschool)

Internacional Aravaca

Calle Santa Bernardita 3, 28023 Madrid, Spain

Tel: (+34) 913 571 256

Email: [email protected]


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